The Social Media Marketing Power Behind A24

The indie studio that has taken social media marketing and promotion by storm.

Just as print media used to be king, before the age of technology and social media, so was print marketing. Marketing a film used to just mean hanging up billboards and paying for magazine and newspaper ads. However, now promotion teams, publicists and social media managers have to take an active role in promoting their films online to generate content that drags audiences to the theater.

Production companies are now applying innovative ways to communicate and promote the films, investing more in the social media marketing campaigns. Movies like “The Blair Witch Project,” for instance, can point to their social media marketing for fueling most of their success, in fact, the movie is noted as being one of the first to spark the viral marketing trend.

Social media enables studios and social media teams to interact with audiences they need to appeal to, thus making the marketing process much more efficient. Rather than a billboard, social media marketing reaches all online audiences, and since social media is operated in terms of follows, this content reaches the ideal audience.

Enter A24, a small indie studio that broke through the big names of Columbia and Disney to pave its own success.  A24 is an American film distribution and production company formed in 2012 that has taken indie film – and the film industry as a whole, by storm.

The company has released indie hits such as “Moonlight,” “The Disaster Artist,” “The Bling Ring,” “Ex Machina” and “Lady Bird.” These movies have achieved tremendous acclaim, though, as good social media practices would have it, so has their marketing.

A24 keeps its identity consistent across platforms and it stays on top and organized. Thus, the company’s handles on social media have become synonymous with unique and has even gained the company itself a fanbase.

Have you heard of A24 or its films? What do you think of its social media strategies?

Let me know in the comments and check out the infographic below to see the history of A24’s social media marketing strategies.

The infographic outlines the social media marketing trends of indie film studio A24

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